Sweat & Sawdust

Waaaaaay back when I first became a mom, I started an art business. I wanted to find a decorative surfboard for the Bean’s room and was struggling. So I made one. Then I made some more and decided to sell them. It was a good little side business, but darn it dragging out that scroll saw, hand planing the edges, then setting up the belt sander without causing my forearms to bust out like Popeye (talk about building some strength) was a bit more than this new mama was up for.

But the boards still receive quite a bit of Etsy traffic and with 4 “blanks” sitting in my art desk, I decided it was high time to finish those babies and sell them (before I have yet another little one claiming all my time). 😉 So I dug up the belt sander, donned my goggles and dust mask, and became that crazy lady sanding a surfboard on her front porch. Middle of the afternoon. 7 months pregnant.

But man oh man, the smell of sawdust that floated thru the air took me back. The smell of great things in the making. Now if only I can convince my right arm to sand the remaining 3, I’ll be in good shape!

photo signature green bee

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