SURFBOARD: Boho lavender

It’s funny how when you step back from something you once enjoyed immensely, how fulfilling it can be to jump back in again. Call it 8 months pregnant over-ambition if you want, but I am loving the creativity and massive ideas that are flowing right now! In particular I’m all about Bohemian surfer styles – detailed paisleys and florals with modern colors. And my goal is to create boards that look fantastic alone AND can be personalized if a buyer chooses. boho board lavender 1

I decided to go super girly for my first Boho creation with lavender. Looks pretty choppy in this first shot.




And (typical) decided to change up the color scheme half way through. Decided the fuchsia wasn’t cutting it this time. Ain’t nothin easy!

boho board lavender 2

And as much as I enjoy sawing, shaping, and sanding a board from scratch, with a big ol’ belly and (yikes!) soon to be newborn back in my life I much prefer the decor side of this surfboard business. I’m on the hunt for a source of similar boards that I merely have to sand and not spend hours carving. 30 weeks sandingNo wonder the neighbors give me weird looks – 30 weeks preggers on the front porch with a power sander and a surfboard at naptime. Ha!

Stay tuned as I finish up this board for the final pics.

photo signature green bee


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