Paleo Pregnancy – addicted to crepes

Ever since Pippa started eating solid foods, we’ve been casual followers of the Paleo and WAPF nutrition guidelines. I say casual because we do occasionally eat beans out of the can, rice, and we do eat dairy (although we do keep our dairy to yogurt/cheese/kefir, i.e. the fermented set). Knowing we would love to have a third child I made sure to eat extremely healthy last spring and summer. And here I am in the third trimester, yet again trying to give a sh*t about what I eat because… I’m hungry. ALL the time. And I want carbs. Bread. Cake. Rice Krispy treats. All the stuff I know will not grow a healthy baby.

At least we abide by eating a lot of meat and after purchasing a quarter cow last summer, we still have a good supply of grass feed beef in the freezer. In the words of my kids “we love MEAT.”

I also have never been pregnant in the winter when it’s hard to make it outside with a 2 and 4 year old. So my instinct is to eat. And hibernate. We spend 15 minutes getting ready for 10 minutes outside before they are cold. And another 10 minutes getting undressed and putting our winter gear away. Then I’m ready for a nap.

33 weeks preggers y’all.

So what have we been eating?

  • lots of soup with bone broths
  • stew beef in the crockpot
  • almond butter stuffed dates
  • dark dove chocolate (it’s my vice, can’t help it)
  • apples and cheese
  • paleo crepes (I make these almost daily at quite time in our house so I can eat an entire plate in peace)

Thanks for letting me vent. And sorry about the lack of photos. We just got a new computer, a Mac (and I am SO excited for the photo editing opportunities!) but am still in the process of moving photos and learning the ropes. I promise, more photos coming soon!

photo signature green bee

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