Farm dreaming and 35 weeks!

Long about this time every year, in the dead of winter, I start daydreaming.

  • I dream of open fields of green grass and their fresh cut smell
  • I dream of big blue skies instead of being surrounded by stark naked trees
  • I dream of a cute white farmhouse — a slight downsize from our current home even though our family is still growing (tiny house junkie here)
  • I dream of summer days splashing in hoses in bright sunshine followed by summer nights around a firepit with a sky full of stars
  • I dream of soft sounds of a horse, a few goats, and enough chickens to feed our weekly 4-5 dozen egg consumption.
  • I dream of rows of grapevines and the smell of fermenting grapes as we stomp bucket after bucket full, ready to embark on the fine craft of winemaking on a larger scale.
  • I even dream of the smell of manure.

I wasn’t raised on a farm, but I grew up near many. I lived an unplugged childhood, running through grass and catching bugs. Don’t get me wrong, we live in a great house in the best neighborhood. But I still dream about open fields and a smalll farm. Maybe someday…

Am I the only one with these winter daydreams? photo

PS: maybe the fact that I’m 34 weeks along has something to do with it. Wowzers! Time needs to slow down!

photo signature green bee

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