Life with Two vs Three

I wondered quite a bit how my life would be different once number three arrived. After all, I thought the transition from one kid to two was super easy, and actually easier than just having one! I’d read about three. Three = the most stressful number of kids (with four being the easiest… umm… no thanks). Three = you’re outnumbered. Three = what were you thinking?

Three = Larkin Mathilda, born on her due date (April 6th). 7lbs 13oz.

DSC_0431 copy

  • I don’t feel suddenly outnumbered… because I’ve been out numbered for 2.5 years. When you’re home with them all day, you were outnumbered at #2.
  • NOISE. In addition to the sibling squabbles and never-ending talking, three adds crying to the mix.
  • There is a new reason to test the boundaries and call attention to oneself. Hence the four year old who insists on tattooing her face at quiet time (Check it out on Instagram @wildsunshineamanda).
  • It’s 3-o’clock somewhere, right? I am no longer ashamed to have a glass of wine at 3pm.
  • The days of sitting comfortably on the couch to nurse the baby are over. I am constantly nursing this child while walking around, cooking dinner, wiping bottoms, etc.


What didn’t change?

  • The “I need my poopy bottom wiped” request as soon as I sit down to nurse the baby.DSC_0385 copy Yeah, not much changed in that department.
  • Transit time to leave the house. Yup, you read that right. I remember vividly when #2 arrived, getting out of the house (and really into the car) took infinitely longer. While I maintain hope that child #1 and perhaps child #2 can get themselves into their own carseats with minor distraction, there are still old snacks to eat, books to discover, and seatbelts to play with as I try my hand at wrangling them. Conclusion: it takes the same amount of time it used to. I aim to pull out of the driveway within 45 minutes of heading to the car.


The HARDEST thing? With a 2.5 and 4.5 year old who have become obsessed with the pool on these humid 90 degree days, it breaks my heart to have to say no. We can’t always go to the pool or be there all day because the little one can’t get in and it’s just too dang hot. What’s a mama to do? We take advantage of cooler mornings and late afternoons and they’re still getting plenty of practice being little fish.

DSC_0344 for pinterest

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