Maternity + Baby: Noelle

I may have been so obsessed with my new camera and lens over the last few months that I begged asked a few friends if they would let me take some maternity and newborn photos. Lucky for me I have some awesome (and super trusting??) friends who willingly agreed. And oh boy did I have a fun time with Noelle and baby Declan (and big brother Atlee, who was a bit camera shy).

The “newborn” shots of Declan were actually more like 1 month photos. I so wish we had been able to get a few more with him sleeping and in some different poses, but between us we have three older toddlers and that was quite a handful to wrangle between snapping some pics.

Y’all… thanks for letting me test out my new gear on your precious family!


noelle 2 BWNoelle 3noelle 12Noelle 13 BWNoelle 15Declan 1Declan 3declan 5 BWdeclan 6declan 7declan 9delcan 8



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